• therabands
    Thera-Bands Latex Free bands

    Low cost, portable, & versatile, Theraband - Exercise bands made latex free, improved strength. exercises rehabilitate injuries, improves functional ability of older adults, athletic performance & aid in treating many cronic diseases.
    Available in 1.5 mtrs, 1.8 mtrs & 22.8 mtr(roll)
    Light pack (yellow, Red, Green)
    Heavy Pack (Green, Blue, Black)

  • Thera-Band-Tubing

    Made of Latex Rubber, Exercise tubing is availabel in seven levels of progressive resistance. Resistance levels obtained by varying the thickness of the band or tubing. The color coding system provides positive reinforcement & feedback for guaging results.
    Tubing Light (yellow, Red, Green)
    Tubing Heavy (Blue, Black)

  • FlexBar

    Flexbar is a lightweight, easy to grip, portable resistance exercise for rehabilitating and strengthing hands, wrists forearms & shoulders. Each flexbars is 12" long with resistance level that increses with each of 3 available diameters.
    Light (red)
    Medium (Green)
    Heavy (Blue)

  • Stability Trainer

    Used to improve motor skills & balance, perticularly among the elderly, for knee, back & ankle rehab. Two foam pads of different densities & 1 air filles cusion allow user to work through progressive levels by starting on firm surface & then standing on pad.
    The Green - is Firm- beginning challenge
    The Blue - is soft - increased level of challenge
    The Black - is Extra Soft - maximum challenge, air filled to provide multiple direction displacement

  • Rocker & Wobble Boards

    Rocker & Wobble boards combine an aggressive anti-slip base design with a sensory stimulation surface to offer a new performance level to balance training. The rocker board moves forward & backward while Wobble board has a rounded bottom that moves in all directions.


  • Exercise Ball

    SDS (Slow Deflet System) exercise balls provide an extra margine of safety when performing core strength or trunk exercise and in rehab application. made from a specially formulated compund, it resist the tendency to burst when punctured & gradually deflates.
    Comes in 5 sizes-
    Yellow 45cm  Red 55cm
    Green 65cm  Blue 75cm
    Silver 85cm


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